“Can’t wait to see your new play!”
“I look forward to seeing this develop”
Wishes Fulfilled

Wishes Fulfilled goes into production Sept/Oct 2022
and will nationally tour as part of the Dementia Trilogy in Nov 2022!

 We are delighted to announce, that with the support of Arts Council funding, we are now in phase 3 of the development of Wishes Fulfilled. Production will take place Sept/Oct 2022 at the Wortley Studio in Leeds followed by 4 showcases. We specifically plan feedback sessions into our rehearsal process to check the quality of our work, generate further ideas and check we are on the right track. Partnerships are key to this process and integral to the success, impact and longevity of our work.

Wishes Fulfilled is set in a Hospice and explores issues around end of life palliative care. It seeks to de-mystify the death process itself, challenges taboos, explores what a “good death” is and for whom. It also shows the importance of sensory connections at end of life, how to involve family/friends within the preparation for death and the positive impact technology can have in terms of hydration and how we keep and hold our memories.
So often we don’t know what to do or how to behave when our loved ones are dying, Wishes Fulfilled shares ways we can proactively & positively respond, regaining an element of control in the knowledge we are fulfilling the wishes of those whom we love.
Based on real life experiences, Wishes Fulfilled offers an honest, raw and humorous way to make sure we have the death that we choose.

“A rollercoaster of emotions!” 

“A great way to understand what death actually looks like”

“Az2B end their dementia trilogy on a theatrical high!! “

Understanding end of life care for people with dementia

 “When a person with dementia is approaching the end of their life, it can be a very difficult time for them and the people around them. You might not want to think or talk about many of these things. You might find reading this upsetting. But having these difficult conversations with the person, and planning ahead, can ensure the person’s needs are met at the end of their life. It will also help if health and social care professionals communicate well now, with you and with each other.


Planning for the end of life is important for anyone who has a life-limiting condition. For a person with dementia, it is important to try and have these conversations as early as possible, while they can make decisions forthemselves. If they don’t feel ready to think about the future at this time, getting to know their values, wishes and beliefs more generally can help in the future when decisions need to be made on their behalf.” 

Alzheimer’s Society 

Understanding end of life care for people with dementia

  • The importance of preparing for death. (Advance care plan & Best Interest decisions)
  • Recognising the signs of someone approaching end of life
  • What is a good death? And for whom? It means different things to different people.
  • Dignity, Compassion & Respect “Don’t do anything for me without me”
  • Additional challenges of dementia to end of life care – unpredictable progression
  • Understand/De-mystify the physical processes of death
  • Understanding of Terminal agitation, terminal lucidity, Lazarus reflex
  • The importance of hydration – keeping the person with dementia comfortable
  • Impact on feeding, swallowing & lack of appetite. Inappropriate referrals. (Favourite flavours & enjoyable foods)
  • Clarification of language
  • Identification of pain,  pain management and how pain relief is delivered
  • Impact of complex families. Boundaries & Behaviour management. Who are the “significant others” 
  • The importance of clear, open communication between all parties and an acknowledgement about what is happening.
  • Interface with different health professionals & social services 
  • Making the death experience as comfortable as possible. 
  • What to expect at the death bed
  • Death is not a medical illness.
  • Euthanasia
  • Sensory connections (smells, sounds, touch)
  • The importance of the environment – personal histories
  • Place of death 
  • Support for Care givers both before and after their family member dies
  • Emotional & sensory comfort offered by pets, children, family, friends
  • Involvement of children – facilitating understanding of what is happening
  • Support for the grieving process both before & after death

Planning for the next phase

Phase 2 Development of script 
Kirkwood Hospice has been an invaluable partnership for us in the development of Wishes Fulfilled. As a Hospice they provide specialist care, free of charge, to adults in Kirklees with advanced, progressive illnesses at any time from diagnosis to the end of life, respecting their individual needs and wishes. Care and support is also provided for families and carers. 
The Hospice team brought such kindness, integrity and knowledge to our work and we are incredibly grateful and privileged to have collaborated with them. A profound take away for us is that Hospices and not only for the dying, they are for the living. They are full of laughter and love, offering support, strength and dedication to the care and support of all affected by a life-limiting illness. They truly make a positive difference in this world.
Our technology partners have also been an inspiration and a new venture for us:0
Darren Evens – CEO After Cloud – an award winning digital platform “ sharing life’s moments with messages of love”. Through the use of a phone app, users can share pictures, videos and audio with a specific group of loved ones. It is a kind of “Memory Box” for those at the end of their lives, their families and friends and is a tool to help people grieve and remember loved ones in a personalised way.
After Cloud have developed 3 apps Journals, Moments and Timelines. We are using Timelines within our play, as Josie says “It helps hearing Ali’s voice and seeing her dance.” 
Az2B is now an ambassador for After Cloud, and very honoured we are too!!
Naomi Campbell – Founder of Hydration Care Consultancy is the UK’s first hydration specialist for the elderly. She created the first every “Hydration Care Assessment Tool” called ROC (Reliance On a Carer) designed to help “all concerned” understand the level & type of support an elderly or vulnerable person needs to drink & eat. In the play we are using her “traffic light” drinks coaster system, mugs that have a measuring device inside them and her award winning ROC App walkthrough around point of care. The aim is to help the care provider, the person being cared for and their family better understand the level of hydration care needed.
Through Naomi we have gained such an insight into the importance and understanding of hydration, it is fundamental to the dignity, comfort and support for those being cared for, particularly at end of life.
 Phase 3 Production, showcases & final rehearsal – Here we are!
Phase 4 National Tour – Dementia Trilogy Oct/Nov 2022
Thank you to everyone involved with the development of Wishes Fulfilled.
It is an ongoing adventure and we couldn’t do this without your support.